Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wildside Winery

As much I'd love to drink wine, I am not a fan of wines or any type of alcohol for that matter. I know drinking wine on a daily basis can decrease the cholesterol level, but I cannot-I even hate the smell of alcohol unfortunately. That might be a good thing because the chances of me being a alcoholic is very low. On Friday, however, I was invited to the Wildside Winery for a wine tasting and it was nice to try something new always. As a symbol of high class and taste, wine tasting always reminds me of either a beautiful French countryside where lots of grapes are grown at a golden sunset or a high end shop where people dress nicely. This winery is located at Versailles, KY, about 20 minutes away from Lexington and surely the scenery on the way to Wildside Winery was just beautiful on the winding road even in this early spring with horses and cattle in those big farms. The winery is not big and the owner saw us right before I got out of the car. It was quite cozy inside with several big tanks next to a bar and it made me feel a lot closer to the wine. We tried several types of wines, from dry to sweet, and there was always one type I actually liked. The Asiago cheese was nice with the crackers and it neutralized the leftover flavor of the wine in the mouth. I have to say that it was an unexpectedly enjoyable experience.


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