Thursday, June 15, 2006

Raped by the Counterfeit Goods

You don't really care about something until you have experienced it. And only until then will you really pay attention to it. Also the same law can be applied to my first trial on the E-shopping purchase. China is famous for its counterfeit goods markets, and this kind of problem-if it is a problem-can't be effectively addressed by the government or anyone at present, for there are so many ways to have our markets flooded with these goods, whose spreading speed is so much faster than officials' ability to control. Anyway, as China is becoming the world manufacturer, anything can be produced here, and this is by no means exaggerating. Ironically, many foreigners come to China to buy the counterfeit goods which are much cheaper than the real ones, and in which they can't find anything different. For whatever reason, it is really ironic that people know Xiangyang Road or Xiushui before they know Nanjing Road or the Great Wall. All in all, I was quite disappointed to find out that my new T-shirt is counterfeit after I have washed it last night. After I asked the seller about this, I confermed that it is not real. For some people who want to buy the counterfeit, it is not a bad news. But as for me, I thought I have gotten a good bargain, but now I think I was cheated, and I was too stupid to think twich before I bought it. Still being suspicious about the identity of my T-shirt, I looked up on the net, only to find lots of reports about the counterfeit goods in China. One report even said that in Taobao or Ebay, the percentage of real goods of some famous brands is barely less than 0.1%. What else can I say about this? The reality is not a fairy tale after all. No free meal under the sun!


Next time I buy anything on the net, if there would still be a next time, I should be more careful and smarter. Better to think twice and get nothing than to be hasty to make a stupid decision.


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  3. You know.. I believe we ALL have learned a hard lesson like that when shopping like that online... I for one DO NOT shop online.. I don't trust EBAY sellers mostly at all!  To many rip off  artists out there.. SO DON'T FEEL SO DUMB ABOUT IT!!  I am sure a lot of people have had that experince.. but most are to ashamed to admit it.. esp online!  I think you are super cool for sharing that.. makes you a wiser person! 
    Is you spaces loading up very slow... I have had my computer screeen to frezze on me, so many times that it's driving me CRAZY!  I am going to complain about it. I REALLY wish spaces would get the bugs all out!!Check you later.. don't be a streanger.. drop in anytime.

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