Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Maths' Week

This  is the 4th week of this semester, and I had my fist maths lessens yesterday. Like I said before, maths is never gonna be easy especially when you meet some 'special' teachers. I am not sure if it's true, but I have heard many people say that our two maths teachers are the toughest ones in this school. They seldom let some peole pass, even so they will give the poor students the lowset scores...Well, considering that I don't have any other free time to change my class, and that what's more, other classes are so full, I guess I have to attend these two tough teacher's classes. I surely hope that those sayings are just some kinda untrue rumors. As a student not so good at maths, those sayings are definite the curse that I ever have encountered till now. But from the other side, I guess it's kinda force that makes me study harder that someone else. Well, kinda force, huh? Actually, I always say such things to cheat myself, and the truth is the curse's never gonna be turned to a blessing anyway!
Well, as for the coming national days, I have never had so many plans that I almost don't know what I am gonna do. Being afraid of spending my whole 7-day holiday alone before, this time I got many things going on on those days. First, I got visitors who come all along from Nanjing, and I should show them around Shanghai, though I am almost a stranger to this city; Second, I got some buddies to play tennis or badminton with me, which will kill most of the boring time; Third, my friends in Nanjing are gonna come to ask me to go to Hangzhou with them; Fourth, I got townfellows to hang out with; Fifth, there are 2 classmates here asking me to riding bicycles with them to Fudan University...Well, it seems that I am gonna have a busy holiday...LOL~~Enjoy the big holiday.
There is another thing always bothering me these days---I go to bed so late at nights that I can't get up on time in the morning. I have set the alarm clock, but I just can't hear it when it's time to get up. I know this is bad, but I just can't make myself go to bed at night. The more I wanna go to bed, the later I went to bed...Maybe I need to solve this problem gradually, but right now, I really don't like this way.
Still, I can't believe that just after my big fancinating summer break, I am gonna have the 7-day holiday~~Is life too easy these day?
Definitely Yes


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