Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Do Feel Unlunky

I feel pressured and not good. It seems everything I do is not going the way I want. It's kind of weird and it seems I am being against or something. No exaggerating...

It's almost the end of my graduate school year, and I have tons of things that need doing. I need to make everything right, and I can't make any mistakes. Maybe that's why I feel pressured. I have survived high school and undergraduate school, I assume I will just be fine. Also there are lots of other things bothering me...I do need some time to cool down and to put myself together, because I know there is nobody who can help me, even though somebody promised to help me, who always ate the words. That's a shame. Right now, right here, I am on my own. I can only rely on myself, and trust myself.

I love my friends in my class, because no matter what, they are always there for me. When I feel sad and lonely, I can talk to them and go shopping with them. Maybe this is the advantage of being a student on campus. I am afraid that after I leave here, how am supposed to find such good buddies. Yeah, I feel complicated whenever I consider my life...It's so unknown and unpredictable...

I will get this through and I will be ok...


  1. everything will be ok... when you conquer all these , you grow up... and you will be stronger...  you are hylic!hah@!

  2. 好安逸,明天就可以看到你媽和我媽了。我還一個人在這邊。