Friday, March 28, 2008

Sally and Jacky's Crystal Palace

I once noticed this beautiful round crystal palace online, and then I decided to get one for my Sally and Jacky. Prupru said if I love it, then get it. So today, I finally went to get one. The thing is, I didn't know how big it is until I saw it in person. Jesus!! It's like a huge space shuttle for a hamster! When putting it on the desk in my dorm, and whenever I look at it, I couldn't help laughing--Man! it's just funny to have this weird thing there. It's definitely cuter when it's 100% smaller. But hey, I paid for what I got. This thing ain't cheap! It's called a palace! lol...

Another thing is, you see, Sally is getting fatter and fatter each day, and my poor Jacky couldn't find any possible chance to get close to her, let alone some other things he might intend to do. So I put my Jacky in this palace, and my goal is to get him fat...well, stronger, to be specific. So hopefully, after several weeks, he can gain some weight and get what he wants.

Man, it's a big one
Enough space for J&S
Shhh~~Jacky's sleeping in there


  1. it is really a grand palace

  2. I don't believe your hamsters can climb up from the stairs!