Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here Is What I Want To Do With My Life

Currently I am an engineer, doing designing stuff basically, but it’s quite nerdy honestly. I love the job, and I hope to make the best out of it. Yet deep inside, I am always having this kind of dream that I could have my own studio where I can have a piano, and a high end computer for design. I listen to the music I love when working, and I play piano when I don’t have to work. Also I need a little garden where it has a table and two chairs with a wall full of green plants, so that I can have my tea when reading. I don’t need my studio to be too clean-some kind of disorder in some spots makes it more artistic, for example on the big working table where I can throw my pens or toss my notebooks. Also a day at home without dress code would be nice, so that I can wear my pajamas in the house dancing to the music or relaxing on the couch. Since cooking in my kitchen right now is quite annoying, I really hope to have a nice clean kitchen, so that I can try to cook all different kinds of cuisines from around the world.

It might be too far for me to reach now, but I wish one day I could be like that…one day…


  1. what a yuppie picture!while maybe it's still a little bit long way to go,it is the hope we devote to achieving to make all of these possible and meaningful. I do appreciate.bless

  2. It's pretty easy for you, Intel man

  3. it is not far to reach,man~~~`