Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dentist and The Perfume

So I took my medical insurance card to the hospital this afternoon after I sent the group email informing everybody in the office that I was going to see the dentist, because my tooth is sore since last week. I hate hospitals in China, and I don't know if they are better in other countries. Like always, although it's Thursday, I had to wait in line for about 2 hours before the dentist quickly told me that there was nothing wrong with my tooth in only 5 minutes. Yes, I waited for 2 hours and my treatment was only 5 minutes. The man did not put his mask on when he was examining my teeth, and he was talking to other people too. Quite unprofessional, but predictable, even in the biggest hospital in Minhang. What they care about are not the patients themselves, because how to squeeze more money out of the patients becomes their priority, of course. I paid around 100RMB for that 5 minutes examination, and I walked out of the hospital, with my sore tooth, still.

Thinking about taking good care of myself, I made up my mind to go shopping on my way home. I wanted to buy some T-shirts, but I accidentally saw Sephora in the shop, which reminded me of the perfume I always wanted to buy. I know I never bought myself perfumes before. So, quite unexpected, I spent 600RMB on one bottle of Dunhill, which I often see on TV. Not sure if it's lame to buy that brand, but I just like that smell.

I did the laundry and I took a long shower after dinner, so that I can put on my new perfume and new T-shirt for myself tonight. :)


  1. u took a very good firststep of perfume~~~dunhill is a very gentleman brand