Monday, July 11, 2005

Equal World?

well, it's said that people are created equally in this world, but from the very beginning of what I heard and what I saw, I don't think it's true,even the least. This world is not an equal world. Well, i am not preaching, but maybe it's because that I am exhausted,scared,incompetent,unenergetic and generally low in spirits at this time of the day--time to go to bed...As tempted as I am to be a coward and quit my website promoting thing, I have resolved to give it a good day's trial. I mean i will start all over again to promote my site tomorrow...:D


As i have said before, I am not a computer geek or something, and my website is a Java GUI site which is considered to be out of fashion due to its low speed. One of my friend(Summ) recommended me to use ASP to improve my site and add something graphic to my forum, but it seems to be a big job to me and needs my time and energy. But thinking about what is so great about my summer break, I can say that I have got my time and energy....:) So this is not bullshit, I guess i am going to improve it little by little, and day by day...


Oh, another thing I wanna say is that I have seen the green snake kept by my sister at her house...After coming back home, I don't even wanna think about it, since the living condition for the snake is poor. I am not complaining that my sister didn't try her best, but she just doesn't know how to keep a snake. The mother snake has to protect her eggs in the wet little box in which the egg shells have gone soft...That's not a good omen for her baby snakes. Eventually, my sister decided to give the snake to someone else more professional at keeping snakes, and i agreed...Sometimes I couldn't help but wonder why there are so many beautiful creatures with such kind of miserable destiny. Is it because the brillliant human civilization has to build on the sacrifice of other creatures? Do we have the right to deprive the life of other creatures? Do people feel how the other creatures feel? Whenever I look into the eyes of the little creatures, I just wanna protect them, but what's in front of me seems to be the darkest thing that I may never predict or know...what do i do? what am i supposed to do? I don't know yet...


At last, right now all I can say is "Good luck to that beautiful green snake and her babies".






  1. It is really terrible to imagin that you live in the space with a snake, even some snake babies...... For me, it is a disaster to see a snake. I must go to dead when I find a snake crumbling near me. But you allow them to share your world..... it is amazing and I think i won't visit your home until they are not there any longer.......

  2. lol~~relax...the snake has gone for some time:P

  3. 懒洋洋的菲菲July 16, 2005 at 12:10 PM

    I do keep the snake better now~I just bought The 6th <<Harry Potter>>HoHo~

  4. Any time you decide to do something, you always work so hard. So I believe you will make your website great. + u, hehe~

  5. Thank You!!!:)zan~ing