Monday, August 10, 2009

It’s Official

During the meeting I got the chance to announce my leave and it caught some people off guard as I expected. But it’s good that everybody understands my situation and the biggest rewarding is my manager’s been quite supportive. It means a lot to me, since I always conceive of him as some role model for us. Now the only concern is when I can fly back home to see my family to spend the only possible one week with them this year. I know there are challenges ahead and they require determination and perseverance all the time, and I am assuming it’s going to be maybe the hardest time of my life. I made my choice and I hope it’s worth my sacrifice and my time.

The landlord came yesterday and she is pissed off since she wants us to move out as fast as possible, so that she could have some time for the new decoration or whatever. Of course it’s not going to be the way she likes-she needs to respect the reality, like it or not. I even called the police during the fight, because I thought she was going to threaten our personal safety and property security. Nobody wants to make this into a big deal although I am sure people might be angry about certain things. My roommates told me it’s normal that this kind of things happen especially we signed the contract with a different landlord. It’s just a waste of time and that’s all. Of course, next time I rent an apartment, first things first, I need to know if the landlord is really the owner of the house. That’s the lesson I learned. Since it was my first time to live outside campus, I am not the one to blame and it’s ok to experience it to learn something. So I actually started packing from Friday and I was stunned by the luggage I was going to send back home. It cost me a lot of money to deliver them and I did not expect it at all. I had no idea how come I collected all the stuff and never did I realize I am going to have trouble with it. To top it off, it’s not finished today and I am going to send one more case back home in order to leave here with only one bag and one case, so that I can get on to the plane without aid from others. I honestly hate packing and it’s the last thing I would like to do, but I have no choice. :S

For the next two weeks, I am going to move back to school to live with my classmate, who kindly offered the shelter when I am in need of it. So after one year’s life outside school, I am back to the starting point. It’s interesting. Since it’s still summer and school hasn’t started yet, there are extra beds for my stuff and me, thank god. Time is limited here and I hope to make the best of it, for I don’t even have an idea when I am going to live in Shanghai again. 4 years is just too fast to be notified.


  1. en ~~~ take care~~~ u made a big decision that leads u to be somebody~~~ fighting~~~

  2. :)谢谢童鞋们关心

  3. So u decided to have career break, for... MBA or sth? It's cool and good luck!actually i'd hoped to have lunch and talk with u near office, but in school is also fine~

  4. Everything has a beginning has an end