Friday, May 26, 2006

Two Discoveries

I was planning either to learn some more words or to continue my Pro/E book, but as I have said, my study effiiciency in front of the computer is merely about 0.5%. Predictably, just after like 10 menutes' reading the book, I threw it away, and began my adventure on the BBS again like always. made me so casual and released. This time I found something stunning.


The first thing is the accusations of scientific misconduct in China becoming rife article on nature. It is ashamed that this is real here. It was said that the fabrication, falsification of data and plagiarism among Chinese universities are very common, and they are becoming rife...As a matter of fact, I am never good at discussing such kind of problems here on my space, but this time, because of the revelation of the faking research and the stealing designs of the China's first digital signal-processing chips in SJTU, I realized that such kind of problems are not far from us. And it is not only shocking, but also pathetic...Thinking about the researches in our laboratory, it's quite common that some students falsify the data so that the result could be what they expect, but truly not the one that reflecting the real situation. The same is true for the plagiarism of the chips and the fabricating paper thing in both SEU and Sichuan Uni...Sometimes when I recall my rebellious math teacher in last semetser, I couldn't help but agree with him on some contemporary phenomena, and wonder how come he doesn't get what he deserves. Is it because he is too honest with everything? Evil persons in this world can get what they want, but not the good ones. Is it true? Or maybe this has nothing to with being evil or anything, because those kind of persons were born to be what they are, for they were taught to be like that. And this is the problem of the society not a single person. Actually, for a long time, I am pretty pessimistic about the deterioration of the morality of our society, to top it off,  I can't find any consolation to make myself feel any better. And I believe unless some big things happen here, the present situation will never change, not even the least. Who knows? But think again, nobody's expecting big things would happen here, as we are all living in this seemingly harmony society which just needs some little adjustments so that it can be the best. I do wish we can be any better some day somehow...


Let this fabracating thing undone up there, my next discovery was I found that there are some ones out there who are so good at English. I mean, I knew this theoretically, but this time I found my proof...Of course those some ones are all my peers. So once again, I begin to worry that how come I didn't study as hard as I was supposed to so that I can enjoy everything in this world. Maybe some people do need prodding so that they can go any further, at least, down to earth, I belong this group. So once again, I find where I am heading for, where I am supposed to go.


Maybe sometimes, I should give myself some release so that I can see my way around well, so that I can know where I am going...After all, just enjoying where you are at is another temporary excuse which only makes you paralysed mentally. Now I begin to doubt about this philosophy.


  1. The digital signal-processing chips in SJTU has taken air.Losing face.

  2. 首先,同意楼下的观点
    嘿嘿,你也看了desperate wives啊??哈哈哈,好安逸~~~
    很多人看prison break,很少有看desperate wives,那天和迪迪摆了好久哦,互相交流心得,呵呵,现在又多了你了哈,而且更宝贵的还是一个male,哈哈哈哈,yeah~~~

  3. 嗨牙~~嗨牙~~~海大富,咋个以前没发现你自恋喃??哈哈哈哈

  4. 汗~~瓜海龟...给点面子啦...晕死...

  5. completely agree on ur 1st discovery, followed by a big question mark on ur 2nd discovery. at the risk of being considered cocky, I'm defaultin' that I'm one of those people u mentioned, here's my confessions, believe it or not, when u r readin' others' compositions of quite the same quality of urs (if not worse), it's fairly common for u to unconsciously elevate a dispensable sense of inferiority which is on the other hand indicative of the fact that u r aspirant and ambitious. ain't that a good thing to know? at least for me, cuz I'm always feelin' this way.
    P.S. like what u said to me, u r what u r and nothin' can change that. moreover, there's nothin' wrong with enjoyin' where u r, the point is whether u r reconciled to stay for the rest of ur life.

  6. 我要是有时间也看看。Prison Break 现在很火呢。