Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weird Weather

It was pretty hot on Wednesday, and I was wearing short pants. But all of a sudden, it began to rain today, and it is freaking cold...FREAZING, to be exact...


Anyways, after I have finished that plastic model, I found that to get along with those doctor students well in the laboratory is not as easy as I thought. And this is the major problem that bothers me lately. For one thing, I am a little bit scared about the difficult assignment which might very well got me trapped in the old confusion, and maybe this is the main reason why the doctor student doesn't give me any that kind of assignment any more...Did I lose my credibility? For another, I am so sick of doing the route jobs like making a plastic model which even a junior high student will take for granted. A hundreds floors are bult from the ground, this is what I have been telling myself, but I really cannot find any good things that I can learn from the route jobs. So the paradox is I don't wanna do the easy job while I am afraid of new complicated challenges...What am I supposed to do? Seeing my classmates publishing papers on the magazines or newspapers, I felt that my publishing days are leaving me further and further behind...I am worried AGAIN...


Well, I don't want to take this on my own, so I would feel better after I wrote them down here. But think twice, I would find that to every question, there should be an answer. The main cause is that I didn't even study hard systematically--this is a student's guilt. Lately, I have been busy doing some side-walk things, not even put half of my heart on study...So it's not surprising that I felt I am like an uneducated barbarian. Maybe this is a little bit exaggerating, but I really should calm down and be cool, and think about what I am doing at this time of moment, SERIOUSLY.


Have some self control and be like a graduate student!!


My bottom line is: be educated SOON!!

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  1. 居然在你的链接里看到了一个zjuer