Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flash Maker

Thanks to Desert Fox who has tought me how to use flash to make some animation, now I finished the seemingly insurmountable task that was assigned to me yesterday. This feeling is really AWESOME! No wonder some nerds are so into programming and designing stuff--Once you accomplish a job, you will feel so satisfied emotionally and physically that you want to kiss everything showing up there. My friends used to ask me if I like programming, my answers are always 'Yikes'...Yet, now I guess I don't give a yike, at least at this moment when I am feeling satisfied just after this accomplishment...:)...


Hmmm, tomorrow I will have a test in the afternoon, and after that I am gonna have 4 classes. So time will be pretty tight. Maybe I won't have time for supper...oops...Darn, I am supposed to eat as much as I could so that I can grow stronger. On the way to gain some weight, I am working out lately, and I think I am getting pretty good during those exercises. As a matter of fact, I always think that working out is like torturing one's body, because staying natural is what I appreciate most. But every time I went back home, no matter my mom or my grandmom, all said I am too slim. So impressed by their unintentional words, I have made up mind to get more pounds before my homing home this summer. So working out is best choice to get it--also a good way to torture my body.


Speaking of coming home this summer, I am afraid I only have 2 weeks' break then. I am supposed to stay in the laboratory as my teacher says. But no matter how many off days I will have, it's high time learning some real things, I realized. Otherwise, wasting such precious two years in university will make me regret for the rest of my life...I have thought this through lately...


So be quiet and continue working and studying...


  1. 你要有空,也收拾收拾你的空间啊

  2. what do you mean by FLASH ?

  3. 又下雨了~~~

  4. bud, at a glance, your gorgeous dorms look a bit like viewing down from air of U.S.cities at night. flickering, Cool, good for you, man.
    By the way, you always seem have quite a lot of time to talk a lot more...funny
    Your muisc is really something touching, recall Slim Shady, haha, Marshall

  5. It's amazing that you write down everything in english and wording is good.
    Personally, I like programming too, just 'cause I don't program VERY MUCH.
    Don't worry about the slim shape 'cause you are not gonna get any slimmer as you grow up.

  6. 是歌词,因为很贴切最近心情,又像是告诫......

  7. 周华健还挺能唱的

  8. well I've been quite into flash ever since I was stunned by those exquisite motions 4 years ago. sadly enough I'm still a layman cuz I can merely undertake the baisc works. it's acutally not all about programmin' IMO. guess I'm one of those creativity and innovation worshippers. anyhow congrats on ur being a flashman.
    P.S. I can tell by the photos u r not slim, not in the slightest.