Saturday, June 2, 2007

The First Writing In June

I used to have lots of plans for June, but now it seems everything's gone now. Anyways no worries, letting something go isn't the worst thing in the world. Moving on is always good for you, though you have to pay and learn each time. Sometimes the cost is painful, but it's good that I am growing up.

I am libra, and I am easy going. If I don't get you, I will let you go. It's easy. So don't play with me.

Alright, please don't get scared to get to know me, because I am a good person...LOL...

I am writing this, because I just want to try the new MSN space terminal which seems to very convenient and easy. Now I don't need to log on the slow MSN Space to update my blog. All I need to do is to write in the Windows Live Writer...Alright, I am just trying, not advertising...Microsoft still has a long way to ago.


        ~~~~Me LIBRA~~~


  1. 交换生的事情基本定下来了,呵呵通过申请了。

  2. 交换生的事情基本定下来了,呵呵通过申请了。

  3. Hello,
    have u seen Mady anywhere?