Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The End of an Era is the Beginning of Another?

Haven't been here for a while, the main reason is because that I was putting myself together and let myself get back to where I was 6 months ago. I was so happy and innocent back at that time. I am writing this to myself because I feel that I should love myself more and cherish myself more. During the last half year, I have been happy and sad; I have experienced a lot, and I think it will sink in for some time. I may not understand the world and the life I am living, but I am on the road now.


I should feel really sad and despaired, but at the end of my 6-month era, I am pretty in a peace. Occasionally, I feel that my heart is stung by some sort of needles, and it hurts a little bit. I still dream about the best thing that could happen to me, but I am so afriad of waking up, facing the reality. Truth hurts! I am a good dreamer, and I am always hoping there would be some kind of miracles soon. It's sad at this point. As much as I know something I have done will never be undone, I still have some hope inside my heart. Maybe this is called optimism, but when you realize that you have to live your life, and deal with the daily things, you will get disappointed and a little stressed. Yeah, this is the process of getting over something--it's necessary and good to some extent.


At the beginning of the new era, I am also very excited about the things that will happen to me. My future is unpredictable and mysterious, and I kind of like it. I am still myself and maybe this is the most important treasure a person can have--the sanity, nobody can take it away, it's always yours, no matter what happens, wherever you go, whenever you are. Thank god, I didn't lose myself completely, and I am not weak or stupid. I fell, but I stood up eventually.


In the following days, I will love myself more, and I will treat myself better than anyone else ever did...


Night Hylic...

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