Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Is Coming

Haven't read for a long time, and I gradually found that I am losing the capability of writing and thinking properly. Isn't this sad? As always, it's easy to say, but it takes determination and will to do it. I am confused right now.


As the globe is becoming hotter and hotter, I found even before summer comes, the weather is unbearably uncomfortable--high moisture and temperature. How can I survive the summer in Shanghai? One of the hottest city in China...Another sad possible fact is that in "an inconvenient truth" Gores says that when the sea level rises, Shanghai will be under water! Now, apparently, this city is like New York in the States, but the future is really unpredictable...God Bless...


Well, since when I have been concerned the global warming? I used to think that this is something far away from my daily life, but recently as the summer comes closer, I am kind of worried how I can live in the summer? Will Shanghai have high like 40 degrees? Will Sichuan be dry again? Will Yangtzi River flood?


Bless this land~~

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  1. 我昨天刚根据那个an inconvenient truth给本科环境班的小孩宣讲了一下这个global warming的严重性   我讲的那部分正好是sea level rises  恩~  bless the whole world to recovery to its original condition soon~~~