Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get My Ass Back to Business

Well, it's right that I should get down to business now. After all the time I have squandered, I finally woke up now. All I can hope is that it's not too late now.


Honestly, I had the most miserable May Day ever this year, though my college classmates came to visited me and they made my holiday brighter than it would have been. It's always good to have some companies around to hang out with when you are really down, so I enjoyed my time with them. But after that, I am going to face the brutal reality that is belonging to me. This summer I am going to thinking about finding a job! OMG!! Finding a job!! Yes, it's the reality, like it or not! I never thought I could end up like this when I came to this university 2 years ago. I am not saying finding a job is the worst thing on earth, but I am not really ready for that. Looking back last year, my senior classmates were trying to so hard to find the jobs they are satisfied. In our field, it's not always easy to find the right job for you, and for all the time, it's quite competitive, because there are always more people than the vacancies--the unchanging truth!


I can still remember several months ago, I could wake up in the middle of night, having those terrifying job searching dreams or those grades dropping dreams. But now, I am like whatever or those things can not even prod me at all. I am becoming numb! This is dangerous! Or maybe I am worrying too much? Anyway, the other day, when I read one of my friends space, saying how hard it is for him to work alone in Beijing, the huge city in China, I began to worry--man! I am not even half as good as him, how can I even survive in Shanghai, the same huge city in China! Yes, it's time to think about myself now! Get prepared and stand up!


When writing this now, I am kind of complicated. I am making my determination here, but I am not sure if I can stick to my plan till the end. It's like when I go the lab, trying hard to do the jobs, but who knows the jobs would turn out to be in vain eventually. I mean, I am taking a risk, and this is how life goes on. Willing to stake my life on the hope gives me a chance of lasting in the end... 

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  1. 总觉得你仿佛消失了好久~~~
    good luck!