Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Am The Only Hylic

Every time I introduce myself to others, I always have to spell my name to them, and even that they always say, " Is it [hilik] or [hailik]?" At first, I would be patient enough to tell them that it should be [hailik], and I would explain to them why I chose this name. Then I found that no matter how much I try, still there are majority of people out there pronouncing as [hilik]. So I am tired, and I would say both are ok now. It is hard, because I guess I am the only one in the entire world whose first name is Hylic. That's something, isn't it?

Well, when I first realized that I should give myself an English name in junior high, I was using Fred, because it starts with an "F". But I seldom used it, because there was little practical use for an English name at that time. Then I found "F" words should not be my first name when I was a freshman, so I started to look for a name starting with an "H". Finding a suitable name is really hard, especially for a perfectionist like me. Most of the first names either have good meanings but sound quite stupid, or sound cool but have not so cool meanings. After pondering all the pros and cons, I finally decided to use "Hylic" as my first name, even though it is not even a name. I told myself that if I use this name, maybe it will be a name after I get famous...LOL...Quite cocky, I know. The reason is because it just sounds like my Chinese given name, and it's cool, though its meaning is not so cool. I am ok with it. I know perhaps if I was a kid in junior high in the states, kids are going to make fun of the "weird" name. But guess what, I am not in the states, and adults don't even care about the meaning of a person's name. I am not even an American, so having an exotic name is the advantage that we should enjoy. So I convinced myself to stick to it no matter what. And now it's getting bigger--I started to register the name whenever it is needed, which makes it really difficult to change if I want to, since changing a name is like a chain reaction-everything will be changed. So at first I was willing to use this name, and now I have to use the name. I guess I am really tied to "Hylic"...LOL.

It's awesome, and I am freakin' enjoying it.


  1. Hylic, it is really so weird! But I don't think it is cool. You're Chinese boy, why don't you use your chinese name-Hai Fu. Hah~~

  2. Your name reminds me of heineken, a famous beer brand.

  3. "Ellven" has been with me since i went abroad. I made it with no reference so it's unique.
    Right now all my friends and colleagues got used of this name but recently I found a new name which is more related to my chinese name.
    I'm considering if i should change my english name.
    anyway it's not vogue, just for westen people's convenience.