Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Complicated

Well, I prefer my life to be as simple as possible, and yet it seems everything is not like what I expected. One of the things is that every time I think about the apartment searching thing, I have the headache, so I have been avoiding the issue for months. Yet now the time just came all of a sudden, because it's already the deadline. The evil ayi put a note on my computer yesterday, threatening me that she will call the security guard to throw my stuff out if I don't move out. I was so pissed off that I tried to go for the confrontation with her, but I didn't find her. Another ayi said the person who wrote that threatening note is already too much. This morning, I calmed down, and I saw her on my way to work. The dragon lady said she didn't mean that, and I need to apply for extra staying days. Right, what an effective way to scare students. I know I should have moved out a long time ago, but I am not the only one who is living in the dorm. Plus my teachers said it's ok to live there. Anyway, the good thing is I have already found a place outside campus, and I will move out soon, though I wasted 200RMB on nothing during the searching last weekend. I  just can't wait to move into the new place...

Two of my hamsters escaped from the cage on Sunday night. They are still missing, but I am sure they are in my dorm, because the cookie I put on the floor was gone this morning when I got up. They want to play the 'hide and seek' game, but they need to know there is no water or food behind the furniture or under the bed other than in the cage. So I urge them to return as soon as possible, or they will face the consequence in no time.:$

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  1. Look for a house agency. I once got all the things done in one day after I arrived in Shanghai. Although the amount of rent maybe not nice and the environment is awful.