Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh, Dear

Just after the monsoon, Shanghai turned into this hot weather in no time. I just can hardly catch up with it, and it's so hot and humid that I already forgot what the winter was like, when half of China was frozen earlier this year. To be honest, I really think the climate in most parts of China sucks-extremely hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. Except the weather in Chengdu, I barely like any other places just because of the weather in China. Today, it's said the temperature is going to soar at 38'C...Thank god, I will move out soon to somewhere with air-conditioners.

One of the female hamsters bore 6 little hamsters on Wednesday, I think. So now I am living with more than 20 hamsters, and I am the official "King of Mice". I have to give those little grown up hamsters away to my friends who want them, because this is already way too far from my limitation. Yet after my posting pics on BBS, it seems my little hamsters are quite popular, and right now all 5 have found their masters, waiting to be taken home.

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