Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too Good To Knock The Door?

It was an ordinary morning when I got up and finished shower. Hanging the towel up, I just put up my underpants, and the door was opened by the Ayi, famous for the big mouth and non-stop lecturing. I just noticed some finger pointing and raised voice, but couldn't understand what's she was talking about-Shanghai dialect. So I continued looking for my clothes. I tried several times to tell her to speak Mandarin, but I just could not chime in. After 'listening to' her bitching for several minutes', I finally got the chance to speak a little bit. Though it was short, it was quite affective. "I don't understand what you are saying." She stopped suddenly, seemingly quite frustrated. Several seconds later, she spoke again, apparently much more concise, "You must move out by the end of the month!" I nodded, still not looking at her, as I found the situation was quite embarrassing. She turned away leaving, and slapped the door. Darn! That was unfortunate-my good mood in the morning was so ruthlessly deprived! The next morning, at the same time as the day before, she 'broke' into another room next to me. My neighbor classmate was not that lucky-he was still in bed, and was waken up by Ayi's preaching.

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  1. the AYi is so strong!! u'd better move out ,or else any small piece of ur happiness will be ruthlessly deprived ...