Friday, September 30, 2005

National Holiday

Oh Yeah~Officially, our lovely national holiday has come when the class in the afternoon was over.

I am not excited as I was a freshman when I had my first national holiday in college, because I know that my life in SJTU till now is as relaxed as it can be. Somtimes I am wondering where all my pressures and stress are, I don't like them , but I missed them...LOL!


As I have told myself many times before--you will know life's not easy sooner or later. I hope that there are some kinda uncertainties here in my life, and I don't wanna be predictable. But sometimes maybe it will be more riscky and unstable. 'Don't walk on the edge' is what I have learned through my limited life. But does it mean the same as not being outstanding? I know that I was lucky to get in this university, and also, I have heard that luck is the meeting of opportunity and preparation. Whatever it is, I believe no pay, no gain. And above all, I think confidence is the foremost factor to make a man.  So up till now, I guess my life will get back to normal and better every day.


Jesus...I don't know what I am talking about. Talking about life and philosophy, I never think that I am good at such kinda things...Let it be.


Well, Let me get back to my reality. On 2nd, Oct. my friends in Nanjing will come to visit me.  I hope we can have a great time together, and I believe we will.


Celebrating the National Day~~


  1. yeah...we really had a good time here in shanghai .thank u so much for ur warmly welcome and treat.its an amazing trip .it is really a pity that we have to leave tomorrow.time is flying .maybe we'll be back then ,cuz im sure i will miss the good time i spent here and the warmhearted funny lovely flower cat i m not sure when it will i love the spr we went yesterday,awesome!!! im gonna visit the spr next to our campus when i m back to nanjing .i bet it will give me different feeling.and also ,welcome back to nanjing whenever u have time,i will b available,treat u dinner or coffee then ,thank u so much ,dude...and also thank liu liu and ur tsinghua buddy,nite~~~~

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  3. it is going to be your Birthday,hehe, i hope i am the first one to say Happy Birthday to you. Cheers~~~~******Happy Birthday************Your life will be fantastic and brilliant************Let all the best around you******Enjoy your Birthday and your life! I will always cheer for you!P.S Check your E-mail, there may be a surprise...