Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I was browsing some pictures on the net, suddenly I heard the familiar song--Superman, by Five For Fighting...Jeez, this is the song I love so much from the very first time I heard it on my mp3. Without a second thought I put it on here...So you guys, just enjoy...


Tomorrow is 'Duan wu jie', and I hope you have a great time with your familiy and your friends...


I have postponed the tough examination, and I thought I could have some temporary inner peace. But obviously, since you are in this unviersity, advoiding the challenges is not the wise choice--I need to stand up to face the reality, no matter how harsh it is...Once you take what you are supposed to take, you will find all the things you have devoted are worth it in the end. So I have made a couple of plans in the classroom last night. Hopefully, I won't screw them this time. Dammit, of course not...


It is hot these days, I can't imagine that 15 years ago when I had our Children's Day on June 1st, it was so cool that I  couldn't wear short pants. But look at us nowadays, we even want to strip the last piece of cloth on our body---DARN, IT IS HOT!!  So every time  I think of staying here for a whole summer, I couldn't help but ponder if this is the best choice, since whether your staying in the laboratory is not compulsory. But considering that I haven't done a great job for that doctor student, I am quite sure that I need to settle down to some whorthwhile jobs in the laboratory this summer...I think I will miss my trip to Beijing and Harbin.


This week is called ' Classroom Week'...Ready?






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  1. the rain today has definitely brought down some heat. I even felt a chill outside my dormitory and had to put a shirt on. lol