Thursday, June 1, 2006

After Children's Day

How time flies! I can't believe I ain't a child any more...Wish I could have another children's day, but I can't. It kept raining today...It was pouring all day long, and I was thinking how come god wanna treat our children so badly. It was supposed to shine, so that parents could have taken their kids to the parks or anywhere else that a child wanna go, just as what we wanted when we were kids. Or maybe everything is so wired up nowadays that no kids want to go to the old fashioned parks any more--they could play their X-Boxes or chat with their friends online just as we do, shine or rain--nothing could stop them...For them, every day is a children's day. Or am I just exaggerating? Children are still the children like who we were before...Who knows? I don't have a kid...Anyways, the next children's' day should be 365 days away...Cheers.
Oh, yeah...Dixie Chicks' new album has come out...I have been waiting for this for quite a long time. But honest speaking, I prefer 'Home'...I don't know...Maybe I need some time to digest this brand new album. Yet, 'Not ready to make nice' is a good single, especially after I have watched the MTV clip. Also because I know what the chicks are talking about in this single, I feel the lyrics are what they are thinking, and it's pretty graphic when coming out of Natalie's sweet mouth...It's touching, especially when it comes to those lines: Sayin'that I better shut up and sing  Or my life will be over. It is not easy for the girls to go through what they have been through...So wish them good luck! Brave girls!

Here is the first single: Not Ready to Make Nice.


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