Thursday, June 1, 2006

OMG!! Ain't No Other Man Leaked!!

I think I am the first the one who has put Christina Aguilera's new single on space!! Or I am the first one in China to enjoy her single!! Ahahahahaha~~~Damn pround of it!




Frankly, it will take me some time to accept this kind of musical genera...But Christina Aguilera's vocal talent is REALLY amazing in this single!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!


  1. 天黑了,就得睡觉

  2. Super cool tunes.. I love this song!!! GREAT! Well greatings from the USA my friend.  Drop by my space anytime and visit, and I will do the same!  I love your space!  So cool!  And I love the music!  Super great!  I just come home from off the road for 2 1/2 weeks, and I am dead ass tired, so I will definietly come back to see your space again!  And you can leave me a comment on my space.  I seen your little smilely, and I thought is that all he left So let me get off line.  WOw you at school?  See you soon..
    Miss Thang know how to sing my
    BareFootin Blues
    So come back and visit.. you write english well.. i don't bite, well i do, but not this time... see ya!

  3. Oh man! I totally love your pictures!

  4. I'm using Firefox right now so I'm not able to listen to the song if it's being played in the WMP module; I'll catch it later. Christina does have an amazing voice and she has showcased that in her music.

  5. LOL...yes Miss Aguilera can really sing!! And this album will be very different..not her typical pop music! As for Britney, Being that she's pregnant again, I'd say her career is toast for now ;) oh well

  6. Guess you are early in getting this single, congras...though it's not as good as I expexted. Rumors has it that she is gonna do Jazz this time, this is pop I think. I dont give a damn, I love her anyway.

  7. anything from xtina is kool w/ me. cuz I'm a die hard too. lol
    can't wait for the album!