Monday, June 5, 2006

Waiting For My First Package

Finally I decided to buy something on the net, and this time, for the first time I bought a pair of shoes at a bargain price. So hopefully, I can get it from the post office tomorrow morning...BLESSING...I think I am gonna run to the post office once I get up to check out my mysterious shoes---I am so excited!! YAY!!


As for the pathetic Pro/E thing, I almost gave it up until just now when that doctor student sent me a short message asking me to go to the laboratory tomorrow...Darn...I can't believe this...I think I need to be honest with him, and tell him: DON'T ASK ME TO DO THE DAMN THINGS I DON'T WANT TO DO EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!  Well, since I am such a shy and intellectual quiet type of person, I guess this is my another illusion again...SIGH...Maybe the problem is on me, I mean I should have seized the days to learn it, though it's seemingly insurmountable. There is no time to learn Pro/E at this time of the night, I have to be honest with him tomorrow!!


Except the pro/E thing, there are several things that can really cheer me up lately. Apart from Christina Aguilera's brand new album coming out in August, lestening to the brand new albums from Dixie Chicks, and Mary J Blige's 'The Breakthrough' every day can really give me so much fresh air which releases me from inside.


Or maybe after I get my new shoes tomorrow, being so disappointed, I would get as low as I could and make up my mind that never buy things on the net. And after I have seen the doctor student who has been asking me to do all kinds of nonsense, I could go straight right forward to my teacher and leave that doctor student forever! I am mad as hell with this sort of thing which can't give me any chance of making any progress in my academic learning...I think I could be an angry moron tomorrow all of a sudden~~OMG...Horrible~~Who knows? Tomorrow is such a big challenge!!  Bless me...



  1. where did u pick up those shoes, taobao or ebay? I've bargained 2 times on taobao. not bad. good luck boy!