Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Not Withered, but Perked Up

Last night, I went to pick some jasmine flowers. Jasmine is one of my favorite flowers, because they smell so nice, also they look pretty...When I got up this morning, I found my jasmine flowers withered, so I put them in my little vase and added some water so that they can perk up again.  After some time, those flowers did perk up and the smell spread all over the room...Being afraid of this good moment may slip away , I took out my camera and shot some pics of the jasmine flowers...Here are they in my photo album...I want the moment to be an eternity!!!






  1. 原來是富大海...好久沒見咯,你好哈

  2. nice shots dude! I really appreciate them. and u seems to be really proficient at photoshop.

  3. it's all natural, no photoshop here...ahahahaha...

  4. Great photo!! and music :-) Thanks for stopping by my site. Glad you enjoyed the quotes. There is a link at my site for AJ's place, a nurse that was in China teaching English, thought you might have found my space via hers. Good luck with your studies.

  5. I mean the black background. was that really what it was when u snapped them? if so then me bad...I thought the background was editted into black :)

  6. as a matter of fact, the background is my desk where i put my's black...
    it's cool, bro...ahahaha