Monday, May 19, 2014

The Antique Mall

I haven’t been to the antique shop in Columbus before. Since Uncle Larry is a big fan of antiques, we went to this big antique mall last Sunday. There are lots of old stuff in the mall and I’m sure if you spend hours there, you could find something nice to decorate your home. Some of those old tools that were used here in North America are quite similar to those used in Asia. I can always be amazed that humans are not so different after all. Through those antiques, it seems you can always find a story behind it. Lots of those things are much older than me. I guess it is a little creepy to think that if you believe in ghosts, maybe there are some spirits hiding in one of those antiques you take home. You never know. As of right now, I am still living in a rented house, I won’t put too much focus on the things that I have to move with me eventually. But it is good to know that you don’t have to always buy brand new stuff to make your house look nice.

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