Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wild Eggs

On Saturday, when I went to Wild Eggs, it was very crowded, so I left just because I don’t like the crowd. On Sunday, after Ken called them ahead of time, we headed there again for brunch. I still waited on the bench for at least 10 minutes. Apparently it is a very popular place, so the food should be good. I ordered that Cowboy Chili. The portion was not very impressive, considering how much it cost, especially compared to that in Meadowthorpe Café. The first bite was very good, but after that it seemed that the potatoes were too much and overwhelmingly dry. The scrambled eggs were very nicely cooked without any burnt part. The muffin on the top was just odd and again, very dry. In general, it is a good place to have brunch if you are not very hungry, although I still didn’t quite understand why it was so popular.

2014-05-04 13.31.14

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