Monday, April 28, 2014

Jacobson Dog Park

The last time I went to Jacobson Dog Park was a long time ago, and all I could remember was this park was not big and that it was a little hilly. Jacobson Park is actually the only park in town that has a lake as far as I know. It’s a nice park, but the dog park is not so nice. Maybe that was why I never went back there again. This time, after a milk shake from Steak’n Shake, we decided to give it another try. Because of the nice weather, there are lots of people in the park. The dog park was expanded on one side with some trees, and the size is now doubled. However, there are no poop bags provided and there are lots of dogs pooping. Ken was nice enough to clean up Jacob’s poop, but I didn’t see any other dog owners clean after their dogs. There was even one guy seeing his dog poop, and then walked away, pretending not to see it. Anyway, this dog park is not finished right now, and I heard one complaint that it’s been like this for months. So I guess I just won’t go there any sooner.

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