Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back To Dorm

Thanks to my classmates’ help, I finally managed to move back to the dorm again after one year living outside campus. It is good to be back to pick up some old memories and get ready for leaving before my official school life starts from September. It’s peaceful here and this is what’s been missing outside. I feel better because I don’t need to worried about the savages who would break in during the day time to “decorate” the apartment-it was too chaotic. Safety is just something you need to strive for instead of something given by the police or whoever. I am not afraid of those people, but it’s not worth it to fight for the justice against people who don’t even know what justice is. Now it’s good and secure to live with my classmate and enjoy the quietness on campus again.

Farewell dinner on Thursday was great, not only because I got the t-shirt with everybody’s signature, but because I felt it was sad to leave the team in the end. 1 year and a half was great in the team as I was trusted enough to be given the opportunities that were admired by many others. It was not easy but I survived and thrived till the moment I have to say goodbye. I feel grateful. Classmates were cordial as well and we had a farewell&reunion party yesterday at Terry’s house. I don’t know what I am going to be like after 5 years, but I wish the people and myself all the best.

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