Monday, August 17, 2009

The Last Hamster


I had my first hamsters in the winter of 2007 and since then I started to collect cages and toys for my hamsters. I still remember the first time my hamster had babies and I kept them in the closet so our Ayi couldn’t find them. It has been a long time and they kept me company during my hardest time. I know it’s kind of ridiculous to be emotional for a guy like me but when it is getting to the point where I have to goodbye to them, I do feel reluctant to let go of them. They are just too cute. There were moments when I felt I had too many hamsters but never did I think it’s boring or nonsense to feed them and watch them grow. It’s not going to be forever and I knew it since the beginning but it’s been the time that I can cherish whenever I recall it. I gave my hamsters to my classmates and my friends who I can trust enough, so that my hamsters can enjoy the rest of their lives without worrying about being sold or being eaten by cats. Now it looks as if the only thing waiting ahead is my departure on Sunday, and surviving the agony of separation might quite well be the lesson I have to learn very soon.


  1. It seems sad. Be happy, guy! You will be good and have nice future!

  2. 又是一段伤离别~~~sigh