Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Clumsy Packing

I buy things without thinking too much and now I am having trouble packing. After I have sent loads of things back home, I thought I don’t need to worry about the packing any more, but when I get back I found the case my aunt bought for me is just not big enough to hold even half of my belongings-I am having problems again! I think I really need to learn what to discard and what to keep before I bring everything back home. It’s a complicated job and it gives me headaches.

IMG_1226 Xiang called me last night and he told me he’s getting married to Hui in October. They are the perfect match. It’s been a long time since we talked last time. As we get busy each day, friends leave further behind and when we find our special ones in the end we tend to live our own happy lives without caring too much about other old friends. My colleagues used to tell me about this too-this is the general rule probably, though it’s yet to be proven by my own experience. Merril is getting married in October as well, and I feel quite sorry that I won’t be able to attend her wedding. She is one of my best friends in college when we used to hang out in a cafe shop near school every Thursday night. That was the best time in Nanjing...Also Hao has found his other half and their wedding is in September. Yes, it looks everybody is getting married, and this is the inevitable trend even nowadays. I am just happy for all of them.

My packing is still waiting to be finished in the sitting room right now, and I know I have one week to get everything done before I leave. While I pack up my things, I am picking up my memories and putting them away.


  1. when i saw the line" he told me he’s getting married to Hui in October", i thought i would tell you that merril also planned to get married in Oct. but with the following lines , i found that you have already got that essential information...haha ....yeah, CC will always be the best time in nanjing .and wish u a ' more ' best time in US.

  2. I guess you will get married in US and have an American baby, maybe in this three or four years.