Thursday, August 27, 2009


When I was walking on the road which I used to be so familiar with, I found I am not familiar with the IMG_1550 city any more. When friends asked me to recommend a good place to eat, I found I could not think of any. It feels weird to get older, knowing that my cousins have graduated from primary schools. My grandma asked me to print out the picture we took during our family dinner, so that she could keep one copy of her own. I am going to take one copy for myself too, and I will tell my mom how to use Skype. It looks quiet and peaceful, and yet the dramatic changes have been going on and I start to feel them deep inside. It’s the place where I belong and I need time to get to know her a little bit better before it’s too late, although I don’t know when. I saw my cousin sister off today at the airport and I don’t know when the airport starts to be the place I visit most in the city. We live in a 4D world, and when time is up, we all go back to the earth, turning into dusts, like we never come here. Maybe this is the life that I have been searching for since I was aware of myself. I wish the best of the people I know and I care about, but when we are confronted with reality, we are too weak to control anything. Although being sentimental is definitely not part of my agenda this time, I found our textbooks were so true about farewells which always leave melancholy to us. Respect the reality and respect the nature, so we can enjoy what we deserve in this life.

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