Monday, July 18, 2005

Terms of Service

well, there's no free meal under the sun--this is really true.

Though nowadays there are lots of free services on the internet, but those services are just some  tools for some people to make money. From Yahoo messenger to my free forum, all of them can drive me nuts sometimes.


I don't wanna say how many times yahoo has pissed me off. Most of the time I can't open my yahoo mail at the first time-i have to try several times before opening it. Also, there are tons of thousands of annoying IMs on yahoo messenger, sending the damn bad URLs to you. Anyway, I thought that's what a free service can provide at present, it's free, don't blame it...But lately, I am totally pissed by my forum, there are two boards there containing Chinese which is considered to be in violation of the TOS(terms of service). And the moderator asked me to fix it into 100% English...


Making my website in English gave me so much fun, and I am into this. But this forum-thing really makes me re-consider whether it's right to make all my stuff in English since I am a down-to-earth Chinese. Is it ashame that I am forgetting where I come from? Is this neccessary to make my website like this? Should I delete my English forum and sigh up a Chinese forum? Should we carry our traditional culture forward in this English dominated world? Am I a traitor who is so into English? All of those questions just pured in on me all of a sudden.


 I can still remember one class in college, the teacher said it's pathetic that Chinese youngsters nowadays are forgetting the concept of home which is considered to be the unique and essential element of Chinese culture, irreplaceable. And she just felt the crisis of present Chinese culture...are we colonized in mind gradually by the western culture?  At that time, I felt that the question is not so simple and easy...What do we do ? I couldn't help but asking myself.


This may not be an easy question that has an answer, but all I know is that I am a down-to-earth Chinese, and all I do is just to study English well,no strings attached. And I am also dreaming that all the people in this world speaking Chinese. But we are still backward somehow, we have to pay what we have to pay...Someday all of this will pay us off. I like green, because it's the color of hope. We may have the dark days, but never give up hope...We will make it though this.


Alrighty, after talking so much, my bottom line is no free meal in this world, just obey it. That's what I can do now.


PS:my composition sux...i am never good at this.

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