Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Garden State

 I have watched several movies lately, and one of them really touched me--Garden State. I first watched this movie several months ago at school, and I didn't delete it from my computer coz that is my type of movie. But when I watched it yerterday again, I felt different from the first time. Maybe you will have different feelings when you watched the same movie at different time. It's true. I seldom have any favourite movies, cos some of them are too commercial, and they're just for fun nothing else. I can still remember when I watch 'withought a paddle','meet the fockers1&2','the curse'...they gave me so much fun, especially watching them with my friends together in my dorm...turning off the lights, and sitting on much fun.


Anyway, when I started to watch Garden State, I just can't stop but watched it all over again. Not only in this movie there is my favourite actress-Natalie Portman, she stars in this movie as Sam who has some mental problems as Andrew(Zach Braff-the director and actor). Garden State is about the troubled generation, about how the troubled individuals survive in their difficult lives. From all this movie, I can feel that though Andrew suffers from depression and Sam has pathological habits and attitudes, they try to heal each  other through love. And the closure of the movie is most touching especially when the music( "let go") starts.The central theme of this movie is kinda sad and depressing, but there are some little pranks and fun in it's somwhat ironic, fun,sad...all mixed together...


Apart from the movie itself, the soundtrack of this move is wonderful. I think the director-Zack Braff chose the right music and it  serves well as foil to the theme of the movie...BTW I downloaded the soundtrack last night, and I am listening to it now...enjoying it.


Here are some pix for u to enjoy:


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