Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long time No see

Haven't updated my blog for some time, as far as I can remember. Because, there are lots of things going on lately, which made me a busy man, and I sort of like it, because I feel I am having a life. LOL~~There are some cool things that I have to mention here, as it's kind of historic. The first exciting thing is that I have managed to open a board on SJTU BBS--WesternMusic board. I can't imagine how much it means to me and other super fans of music on campus, so I think I have done a great job for not only myself, but more importanly, other music addicts. So the rest job would be keeping the board growing healthily, I hope it will be one of the hottest boards on BBS of SJTU!

Here is the link to that board:

Another exciting thing is that I will have an interview tonight, because I have applied for the volunteer to the Tennis Masters Cup held in Shanghai on Nov.12-19th this year. No matter I can pass it or not, I think if I have tried my best to do it, I will not regret it. However, since I am a huge fan of tennis, and a diehard fan of Roger Federer, this volunteer thing really means a lot to me...Good Luck to myself. Interview at 7:30pm today...God Bless.

Of course, there are also some things that always get on my nerves: my preparation for the crucial exam seems to be halted by some incidents; I have to do some experiment in the lab now to keep the pace with others...These things are really complicated and frustrating sometimes.

Maybe this is how life is supposed to be. While you are having what you need, you are also losing something which you need depsperately too. Nothing is free here on this world. You have to trade off for what you need. The problem is whether you can have a smart decision and any luck.


  1. 背景音乐很好听很好听~~

  2. 怎么大家的评论都是英文的 x_x

  3. 哈哈哈……