Friday, October 6, 2006

Mid Autumn Day

Beautiful moon hanging in the dark sky, it is the most beautiful scene I have seen on Mid Autumn Day! I love mooncakes, but ever since I was told that mooncakes may cause heart attack and high blood pressure, I stopped eating them even when it's the very night of Mid Autumn Day. Mom just called me and told me that they were having such a great time at my grandma's. Predictably, Chengdu is raining like always on Mid Autumn Day. As far as I can remember, I never saw the full moon on M-A-D in Chengdu, while I see the full moon every year since I have came to eastern part of China. Yeah, Chengdu is the city of fog, but I am so darn loving it...I love whatever things in Chengdu for whatever reason...


Being alone on M-A-D, I don't feel lonely. Maybe I am too preoccupied by something...sim city, my coming test, the solar lab things, the experiment, the papers. Sometimes, being alone can be so precious that I can't wait to enjoy the transient loneliness--my roomie has gone home!  I don't even want to leave my room every day! Of course, except eating and my no.2...I feel like that I am in a prison and I don't have anybody to talk to. I can dance whatever kind I want; I can sing whatever songs I like at the top of my lung; I can do whatever I want---This is complete freedom! It is fast though, after tonight, my 7-day national day will be officially over. I thought I could cram a little bit for the exam in the 7 days, but I enjoyed my "freedom"...Yeah, things seem never to go the way as I have planned. It is kind of like my personal philosophy. I like surprises, but I, too, love meticulous plans that can make you achieve something...But it seems I never had the luck of having the latter ones.


Well, lately, I am pretty busy with the BBS thing, because I am afraid that WM board might be closed-I am working on whatever I could to make it going on properly. I know I am too weak to keep it health on my own...As a matter of fact, in the so claimed free world of BBS, everything is hierarchical...Sometimes, it is really dark and gloomy. It is the big environment, and everybody has to know the rules, and  obey them. Otherwise, you will be kicked out definitely. So, since I am in this game, what I have learned is: bring it on, face it, and play it the way you are playing it.



  1. momo~~你真得很辛苦啦。不过也不要把它想的太黑暗。努力过了就好。

  2. 两个月后, 啊哈哈, 你也辛苦了