Monday, October 9, 2006


Yup, I just got this news, and definitely, this is the best present for my b-day--I AM GONNA WORK AS A VOLUNTEER ON SHANGHAI TENNINS MASTERS CUP IN NOV.!!!! I had that interview before National Day, and I thought my interview went quite well except a little bit mistakes. Accordingly, it went smoothly, but there left a little pity--that I can't work on the court which it is the closest place to see my stars and that I am arranged in the news center...Well, it still rocks!! I am going to see my heroes in person!!! I am so excited, even though I am going to get up early as hell tomorrow; even though my harsh test is going to kill me in 20 days. But, hey, right now, I don't give a darn! Because I got my best present for my B-day~I believe I may very well be excited for the rest of the week or more...This is my little dream, and IT CAME TRUE!!


Alrighty, I have to realistic now--I have to go to bed now. I don't want to get jaded before I can see my heroes. Yay~~

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