Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Everything's back to normal

Thinking about that I still got tons of luggages held in the f*cking  baggage claim. I just can't cheer up even when I am on my biggest break from school. It's said that I have to use the bill of lading to get the luggages. Damn...How much longer do I have to wait?  The lading bill should have arrived at the end of last month. Another thing bothered me is that my windows system crashed , so I have to format my computer---the poorest thing that anyone can ever encounter. To top this off, my damn Sims are screwed...there are always some bugs in 'the sims 2', no matter it's the sims 2 or the university. After I re-installed my windows, I found that my saved games of the sim city4 and Dungeon Siege are gone...Damn, I forgot to backup. That means I have to re-play again if I continue the games. Is this something that anyone who use the computer would face? Anyway, life has to go on. I watched two movies last night, then went to bed. Awaken by the noise in the sitting room, I got up quite early today only to find that all my luggages are in the sitting room...Weird!  


     In the end, the lading bill has come, so the luggages were delivered. Alrighty, the rest thing is I should put that tons of luggages away...I guess I REALLY have something to do now.


     In the noon, my aunt came and she invited me to her house in Chongqing with my sister. It's nice of her to invite us to her house...Actually, mu aunt invited us to her house every summer if her son didn't come to Chengdu. Honestly speaking, Chongqing is such a hot place that I may never go to in summer if I don't have any relatives there. But I don't just wanna stay home all the summer, so I guess I would like to go to her home to stay awhile. Plus, my aunt is a really nice person!! No doubt about it.


   My sister told me the other day that she is keeping a snake as her pet. And I got a surprising news today that the snake laid 3 eggs. How amazing!!! I am always into keeping a snake. Maybe  I could keep a baby snake.  :P I am always an animal lover. Right now, I am keeping a turtle in my house. His formal name is " Red-eared Slider". I picked him up in Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing. Of course, that was my another big still think of him as my lucky turtle.


  Sometimes, it's not fair to say that my life is screwed. Maybe all we need is just a little bit coolness and calmness. Still, it's hard to keep your cool when you meet something all in a sudden. Especially, when all the things are pouring on you, and you can't even assimilate.


  Anyway up till now, everything's back to normal and this is what I am expecting.




  1. Your English is so excellent that your progress amazed me! I feel so pround of being your friend!

  2. thank u. I am also proud of being ur friend!

  3. haha, you are so eager on such kide of animals. Why don't you show some photos of your turtle here?

  4. hey hey !!hylic ur blog of english version is pretty pretty amazing !!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!and the pics here are all excellent !!! well,how is ur turtle by the way? i took some dv for my turtle ,show u then!!!lol~~~~~hope to find some more funny stuff here!

  5. turtle?! Male or Female? I think the former may bu suitable for Yu Hanxiao, the real turtle. What is its name? Why not keep a couple of them? Single one is too lonely if you are out. Waiting for your picture...I am quite expecting it! Big or small, what is the color, loverly, isn't it? Does it bite your finger? haha......

  6. hehe...i will take some pix of him...well...i guess it's a him...