Tuesday, July 5, 2005

My last semester

During my last semester in Nanjing, I had a lot of free time, because I am a senior...:D. It means I am not like a sophomore who drags his ass on a chair studying all day long. But I am not saying that I have nothing to do. Apart from my study, my research, I have to go to the library everyday to search the stuff on my research. It was such a boring job, but I gradually began to get addicted to it. LOL...After I have made a plan of my research, I spared some time to go to Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province with some of my buddies. It was in April, so the weather was not hot nor cold. It was the time for travelling. After Wuzhen, we went to the capital city of Zhejiang Pro.-Hangzhou. This trip lasted 4 days, not a long trip, but I think it worth my time and it was all fun.


     When we got back from travelling, one of my best friends invited my friends and I to his home which is not in Nanjing, a city maybe 500kms away. We stayed there for almost a week. It was a worthwhile trip.


    Of course, when I am back to school after 5 days' crazy trip, I began to officially start my research again. Still, I am not some kinda person who can sit there quietly, during this time, I went to a lot of places of interests in Nanjing, claiming that I won't leave any regret before I leave Nanjing...LOL...Indeed, Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, is a great place with lots of beautiful sites, though the summers are quite hot. Anyway, I still began to love this city in my last few months before my graduation...To some extent, I don't even wanna leave this place which was a hell for me when I first came to Nanjing. It was quite convenient to live on the main campus of my school, you can have the most beautiful views beside Xuanwu Lake, enjoying the singings of the birds and smelling the fresh air from the soil in spring; also, you can go to busiest streets in Xinjiekou, feeling the breathing of this morden metropolitan. All those things are just within your reach in 10 minutes' by bike.


    Another thing I have to mention is all the good people friends, my teachers and my GF...I just wanna thank them for being who they are, for being my best acquaintances, my best friends, for sharing their life with me, for supporting me in my hardest time, for loving me for me...






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