Tuesday, July 5, 2005

This is my blog

After some friends have recommended the blog, I finally decided to make a blog of my own. As far as I know, blog is something where u can put your diary, and it's not suitable for me, since I am never good at expressing myself. But thingking of that this may be a good place for me to practice my English skills, I determine to make my blog in English, hoping that this may be a place where I can put some feelings and thoughts here. I am always lazy when I have a break from school, and this time I have like more than two months' breaking time before the new semester.

    And the biggest news for me is that I can continue pursuing my master's degree in another university which is better than my present university...well, my former one, since I am out of it. I will always remember the days when I was in college with my buddies. It was such a precious time that I have definitely learned a lot of things which will benefit me a lot. Moreover, I will never forget my cool buddies who were, are and will always be my friends for my life.



    Considering this blog, I guess I will give it a shot, to see how far this blog can go...LOL...I am saying whether I can keep on updating this blog for a LONG time...


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  1. Come on, man. Make more things here.This damn website make me regist my msn again to leave coment here. Since I just do it for writing on your place, you should work hard here~~