Saturday, September 24, 2005

The National Holiday's Coming

We are gonna have the national holiday from Oct 1st to 7th--a real big one. As a matter of fact, I don't see any difference between now and my holidays, because it seems life has just begun, everything is in a slow process--I don't have too many classes this week. Of course, such kinda happy days will soon be over, as all my classes are puring in on me next week--most of them are maths which I hate most ever since I was a kid...LOL~~


I don't know what my graduate life's gonna be like, and I am trying hard to make it good. I believe a good beginning is half of success. Up till now, I can't say that my beginning is perfect, but I could say it's good--all things new: new school, new classmates, new friends, new room, new bike, new teachers, new thinking, everything...And I think that my college life made me more mature, I hope that my graduate life could make me smarter...


Well, we don't have class tomorrow even though it's Monday--the day people hate most since it's the beginning of a new week, that means your endless work and horrible pressure and stress are waiting for you. LOL, I don't have it on Monday...Actually, I believe that my good days will go away immediately, because I never thought that my graduate life's gonna be easy...I know that I am lucky enough to get in here, and I should never take this for granted. Cherish what I have now...


It's absurd that I still don't know what I am gonna do next. Sometimes I think how come I am not ambitious at all. Man, I need a plan,  I need to know what I should do...hehe...what the hell...I just chill and see what I do when I get there.


Forget where you are going, enjoy where you are at...

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