Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cooled Off

Finally, the storm was coming, cooling this hot city in just a few minutes~~Coming fast and leaving fast, the storm made us chill out too.


Because of this weather, I feel like going out to play tennis or pingpong, but when I got there, I only to find that lots of people have already been there...There are many sports play grounds in Jiao Tong University, but even when 1/100 people come out to play, the play ground would be totally crowded. So still, my feeling is that there are so MANY people in China that the resources are really limited.


I still felt that I have to do something since it was cool and comfortable tonight, so I went the class room to read some books----MY FIRST TIME TO STUDY IN THE CLASSROOM~~Oh yeah...felt so good, especially after that, when I rode my bike around the Siyuan Lake and around the campus to see lots of people doing their own things. Surely, this is much different from SEU. Maybe it's because SJTU is larger and has more students.  First time as it is, I know that my new semester has begun, and I will go to classroom like I used to. But this time, it seems that I have more power and will do the things, to accomplish my unknown tasks...


I will go to see my director tomorrow and I will know where I should go~


Nighty Night


  1. Hylic, thanks. You are the first man to say happy birthday to me and the clcock was just past the 0 o'clock in China. I am very happy to share the moment with you. I still remember the book you gave to me as a birthday gift in senior high school. I will spent the birthday with my new friends tomorrow, and I think it will be wonderful day. Hehe....Enjoy everyday! Super..

  2. 我买了去北京的车票(已经说了~)29号军训就结束了,我三十号去汉口逛逛,然后一号晚上的火车,二号清早就到北京西了~呵呵,不想留在武汉 ~ 领到奖学金后,我打算,如果你放假比我晚,我就拿那个钱买票去找你耍,反正我们学院的上海娃娃有点多~