Saturday, March 23, 2013

Movie Tavern

Say that I am old fashioned or close minded or whatever, when I first went to Movie Tavern last night to watch ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’, I felt weird that I was given a menu and I threw it on the table outside the movie theatre room. It was picked up later of course, but I was a little surprised to see the chairs inside were not the traditional chairs that are not moveable, but rather like office chairs along the counters. I then realized that it’s a “movie restaurant”! But before I decided to watch that movie, I had already had dinner at ‘Wing Zone’. Never did I know that I could eat while watching the movie. I was a little concerned that people might make lots of eating noise during the movie and the dimmed orange light on the counter kind of bothered me. But after the movie started, everything turned out to be normal except for the waiters walking by from time to time. I ordered a tropical juice smoothie since I would like to have a full experience in the Movie Tavern even though I was 100% full. The movie was great and it fits in all the imagination that a child could have-the beautiful queen defeats the wicked witch. And Oz occurred to me to be a "man whore" and it is little different from the traditional heroes that we might expect. However, it’s more realistic and real to me with his weaknesses and imperfections. I would like to go back to that movie theatre again because going to a good movie theatre to watch a great movie is probably one of the best things you could do on a Friday night.

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