Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goodbye, Google Reader?

I have been using Google Reader for a long time and I really like it. As a matter of fact, Google Reader is the only online reader that I use. I was shocked to see that Google is going to shut it down on July 1. I couldn't help but wonder if Google is going to do the same do its other products, especially Blogger? I was already disappointed that iGoogle is going to be shut down and now Google Reader. Is Google doing things like what Microsoft did to close its Windows Live Space? I have no idea. One thing for sure is that since my blog is not on my own server, I will always have to depend on others. But a big company like Google really should provide reliable products with consistensy to customers and I am glad they have been doing that. The reason for that is probably they want to focus and invest more in Google+ and encourage people to read stuff there. But it's different and I don't know if people are going to switch their habits to something new just to make another thing popular. We will see. So I guess I will remove the RSS subscribe function on my blog.

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