Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red River Gorge in Early Spring

Red River Gorge is a national park that is to the southeast of Lexington, about 70 miles away from downtown. We went there a couple of months ago in winter and I thought it would be nice to revisit this place in spring so that the trees are green and flowers are coming out. Lexington is on a plain with mountains in the southern areas, and it’s similar to Chengdu in a sense where the mountains are like 1 hour or so away by car. As mentioned in my previous post, the Red River Gorge is like a smaller version of Grand Canyon with just more trees. Although it’s already in spring this time of the year, trees are just starting to turn green and flowers are still rare scattering along the way. I guess the most beautiful time should be in late spring or early fall because right now it’s not much different from what we saw last time. This time, we chose another trail and walked for about 1 mile before we turned back. We didn’t see the bottom of the gorge where I assume there might be a river. The dogs are very happy about this mini spring trip and from time to time, they were unleashed to enjoy that beautiful afternoon in the park. As much as I love outdoors, I barely could find time to do outdoor activities and I do hope that one of those days, I could do more.

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