Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something To Watch Before 2011

As my friends were always saying that they are bored, I took two of my friends to watch Jackass 3D with me last week. It’s a movie that has lots of disgusting scenes to make the audience laugh, and you need to be open minded about everything. However, one of my friends got all mad at me, saying that my taste is vulgar and that he won’t watch any movies I recommend any more. Yeah, there were several scenes I almost closed my eyes and I saw several ladies left in the middle of the movie. But all in all, I totally enjoyed the movie. During the one hour and a half period of time, it was constantly full of laughter and “Wow”s in the theater. I haven’t watched Johnny Knoxville’s precious Jackass movies, but it’s fun to watch those guys pulling pranks on each other in a way that most of us could not even dare to think about. The movie is R rated, so I guess maybe it would never be released in China; but I would totally recommend it to my other friends who know how to relax and have fun.

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Another movie that I am looking forward to is Burlesque of course. Although I have a feeling that story is really too similar to other movies before and we can easily find the same type of themes, I couldn’t wait to see Christina Aguilera’s first movie, let alone the stunning soundtracks released online. I guess Christina probably cannot get over Moulin Rouge whose soundtrack was really successful in 2001 and she hit her second climax in her career at that time. And this movie is just so similar to that. Although Burlesque is not just about a whole bunch of whores who want to have fun, it’s about a good girl who wants to be famous in the night club in LA. It’s just another fairy-tail type of story, but that is not the point to watch the movie. The two huge divas (Christina Aguilera and Cher) are the main reason why we should watch it. I am excited personally and I guess watching the premiere might be the best thing to do on Thanksgiving this year.

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