Friday, September 21, 2007

Feel Like Writing Something

I just made a stupid call, and I feel I am just a totally underappreciated fool. I used to have a high expectation of myself and by no means do I deserve that kind of treat. I thought for whatever you do, hope is the only thing you should not give up. But it may not be necessarily true when it comes to emotions. For some reason, it's better to just give up the hope and move on, so that you would not get hurt over and over again. It will be hard and brutal, but it will be the best in the end.

I gave all my heart to someone who doesn't even give a shit about it, treating me like the dirt...Where's my self esteem? where's my self-respect? Am I pathetic? Yeah...Not ready to accept me? Yeah...Understood...I should have listened to my friends' words...Hope it's not too late...

I tried and tried, but it will never work if it's only me trying. I am not a superman, I am not supposed to love you if you don't feel the same way...

Never thought I would experience this too, and I believe that only through this will I be stronger...

Be smarter next time!


  1. 恩~能理解的状态,我前两天也是。