Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot Again?

The typhoon is gone, the summer is gone, and it's a little bit hot today...Kicked out of the house in the morning, finding my way back to where I was in the heavy rain in hunger, I found it's hot and humid on campus. I am numb and despaired...It shined a little bit earlier, then it's overcast...Weather changes as someone's face, it's unpredictable.

It's quiet on campus, and everything seems to be just in order. Students waiting outside of the gate; cats sitting on the ground outside BBQ, hoping there will be free food; couples holding hands together, gigling and laughing; classmates sitting in front of the computers, surfing BBS and getting to know what's happening around us...Yeah, I am back as I have never left, but only my friends and I know the estrangement between us. They don't know me any more, and I am back to re-build what belongs to me.

I can't have any expectations any more...Hope everything's will be OK...

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