Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Back to Normal?

It has been a long time since my last update. I cannot believe MSN Space made me wait for such a long time...As for those who like to log on every day, stability always comes first for the bloggers. Then comes the speed and convenience. Admittedly, what MSN Space has done lately is quite disappointing. When I can normally update my space, I don't feel like writing anything any more...Ironically, the moment when I most wanted to write was when I couldn't even open the stupid space. But I am not considering changing my blog place, as space is connected to MSN messenger. And I guess it's the only reason that I stick to space now...I can't find any good things here...slow, unstable, eating up all my memory...can it be any worse?? I am writing this, because I do hope Space can be better in terms of the stability. Otherwise, I don't think MSN Space can stand a chance of getting more popularity in the severe competition of blogging.


Yep, space really got on my nerves lately...DARN!!!!


Anyway, there are lots of things going on here in my life, mainly the travelling things. My sister and I went out like every day, and we have been to lots of places in Shanghai or around Shanghai. Never thought I can spend up all my money in this way, and never thought I could ever get so tired of going out...Going out and back had me spend more time and money on the road. Often, it took me like 2 hours to get to downtown of Shanghai--the most hated part is when I am on my way going out. The sunshine is burning and hot, and I guess I am going to be mad and burnt to death if I continue going out for another week. Luckily, I am going to be vanishing from this campus--I am going to Beijing the day after tomorrow!!! YAY~~Everything is just as what I have planned. Though there are some ups and downs, I still made it after all in the end. I guess I am going to have a 2-week's break, and it's so much better than I thought. But what I traded off for this freedom may be beyond what I can come up with right now...Am I losing my credibility and sincerity? or am I going to have a tough time next semester? Once again, I am a little bit concerned about this. Who knows what can happen in the near future?


I just can pray for the goodness...


  1. 空间终于恢复了,六天了,今早发现能打开自己的空间,着实松了一口气,过来问候一下,我回来了

  2. Hylic, Please allow me to use chinese.
    相信我们都会是前者的,Bless you and our family^_^